Cadillacs in Space: A musical introduction

A love song....

A love song…

For the past two weeks, I have been writing about Robyn Troup who is a newly signed artist with Interscope Records.  She shines bright with her bandmates of  Cadillacs in Space. Up until now, I have been anticipating the new sounds of a group described as a marriage of  Outkast meets Black Eyed Peas. A new video has emerged which showcases a teaser of their eclectic sound.  While the glimpse of the band seems to be of a homemade video, it showcases the raw talent to be released.  The energy of the group can be felt with their unique blend of atmospheres and styles.

It’s been an exciting and busy week for Robyn as she nabbed an opportunity to model for icon Jeffery Campbell.Jeffery Campbell

Take a sneak peak here:



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